Best Christian Schools in Austin


Best Christian Schools in Austin 

Amongst the best Christian schools in  Austin is the Bannockburn Christian Academy.  This school offers students in grades pre-K through fifth grade a small campus environment in which to learn coupled with excellent academics and enrichment courses that are interesting and exciting for the student. The core subjects taught are writing, reading skills, math, social studies, science, and Biblical principles.  Then there are enrichment courses in art, music, technology, physical education, and library skills.

At BCA (Bannockburn Christian Academy)  the students get not only the academic training but also social, emotional and spiritual guidance. The classes are small which allows for more one-on-one learning. The standards are held high, and the child is challenged with many enrichment activities. Here at BCA, there is an exciting educational environment for the kids in grades one through five as well as a full day program and early childhood education program for the Pre-K and Kindergarten child that is four and five years old.

The students learn through a variety of methods which makes learning fun and exciting. They are taught through brain-based instruction as well as a project-based learning system. The learning is in a large group setting, but there are also small group projects and independent learning opportunities as well. No matter what type learner the child is, there is the instruction to accommodate their learning style.

Here at BCA, we have some unique practices to keep the children engaged in education. The last hour of each Friday is what we call Genius hour.  During this hour they will work on a new skill or idea. They even get to choose what they learn. Another thing we do is offer a time for them to explore and satisfy their curious mind.  Twice a year, the students are permitted to move through different grade levels, and they are allowed to participate in some of that grade level activities. This gets them involved in scientific discovery and inquiry.  As a convenience, there is also an after-school program on the campus. This program is from 3 pm to 6 pm and is staffed by the school. In this program, the students have structured activities and get help with their homework.  They also will receive a snack.

BCA is based on a biblical foundation, and this is the focus of everything that is done at the school. They make education a partnership with the parent, teachers and the child. Students attend a weekly chapel service to learn a bible lesson. The children that attend BCA come from many churches in the Austin area and different denominations as well.  This school is accredited by the Accreditation Commission of the Texas Association of Baptist Schools (ACTABS) and also by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).

With the violence in the public school system on the rise, parents are seeking alternative solutions to educating their children. This is one of those alternatives and is one of the best Christian Schools in Austin.

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